So I have kind of a bizarre obsession with Daewoo. Not so much their cars, mind you, which were mostly boring economy sedans and hatches made by and for various General Motors brands. No, it's Daewoo's Korean home market TV ads that have piqued my curiosity of late.

Generally speaking, Daewoo's ads are a mix of ultra-dramatic voiceovers, horrible special effects considering when they aired, and footage of said economy cars getting sideways or hooning about on beaches. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that no one ever actually did stuff like that in a Daewoo unless one ended up in a Lemons race.

This ad for the 1989 Daewoo LeMans encapsulates everything I love about Korean car commercials. Really bad computer graphics, 80s-tacular music, a hilarious announcer, aggressive shifting, and the word "LeMans" zooming over a dude's sunglasses. Look at all the circuits and stuff! This car must be from the future!

Amazing, right? The thing is, there are tons of these all over the YouTubes. Weekend editor emeritus Murilee Martin found a great one back in the day too. So here's my challenge to you guys: find your favorite ridiculous Daewoo ad and paste it in the comments. Let's see what kind of craziness we can come up with.