Holy shit, there are some goddamn adorable cars out there. Which one is the cutest, though?

Our own Jason Torchinsky argued for the squee-inducing Ferves Ranger as the cutest off-roader ever, but we're struggling to think of any cuter car at all. Torchinsky summed the car up fairly well in 2012.

There's something about the proportions — the big tires, the stubby front and funny little protruding butt that make the whole thing seem like a pit bull puppy or something. It's got a simple cute face with big round lights, and the fact that it's designed for rugged work makes it so much cuter.

We're sure you can come up with a car that's so cute it will cause us to lose control of our bowels, or reduce us to whimpering, weeping husks of our former selves. Find us a car that can make a baby corgi look like a warthog vomiting on a baboon's nutsack and we'll be impressed.


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Photo Credit: Jalopnik