Yesterday, I asked you guys to write reviews of your own cars. And just as I thought, they were awesome. Take a bow, everyone! You guys know your cars, and you have some pretty interesting rides.

I liked what you had to say so much that I decided to feature a few of them here. We'll have to do another Jalopnik Choose Your Own Adventure thing like this again soon.


If you didn't post a review yesterday, feel free to do it here, and then tell us — what were your favorite self-reviews?

Photo credit #Eelco

TokyoBayAquaLine's R32 Skyline GT-R

TokyoBayAquaLine gives us a great rundown of exactly what you'd expect from an R32: "Reliability, 5/10... Interior, 3/10... Performance, 10/10." Sounds about right.

RS-Pilot's Ford Focus RS

Who says there aren't any front-wheel-drive supercars? RS-Pilot clearly thinks otherwise, as he drives a car with so much torque that it "pulls like a 14-year-old with a lingerie catalogue." Awesome.

Annathie's '72 Dodge Charger

Everyone needs to experience some badass American muscle at least once. Annathie brings us an honest review of a car that may be a bit outdated in a technological sense, but is probably a lot more fun than many modern cars. "It's only got a 3 speed, so it doesn't even have to downshift! As a result I am constantly tempted to drive this car 90 mph at all times."

Jalop-In-Training's Toyota Prius

This reader puts into two words how many of us would feel about owning a Prius: "Kill me." Concise and elegant indeed!

Victorious Secret's Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback

Vic Secret gives us a really solid and detailed review of the new Focus, one of the best compacts on the market today. And kudos to him for getting the car for $6,000 under sticker — that's always nice.

Vie Ventar's Feet

Hey, we can't all afford cars, and sometimes they don't suit urban living all that much. This commenter makes a strong case for why walking always gets the job done, albeit slowly: "There's lots of better vehicles out there, but at least it's cheap."