More than three decades before Bob Chandler spawned the monster truck craze with his legendary Bigfoot monster truck, the Glendive, Mont. Post Office commissioned this monster car to be built get the mail through deep snow.

According to Butte, Mont.-based Desert Classics — which is trying to sell the burly little Ford for $58,000 — this 1931 Ford 68B cabriolet is one of two the post office had built for inclement weather duty. It has a beefed up frame and a Ford Model TT truck axle to help the car handle 24-inch Goodyear diamond tread tractor tires.


I'd be willing to bet that those balloons would float through just about any massive snow drift. And unlike many car-to-monster truck conversions, this one isn't a hideous waste of a perfectly good car. If anyone buys this, please get in touch so that we can do a classic review.

Photo credit: Desert Classics