I'm not going to lie to you, friends. When I first saw this listing for what appeared to be a Nissan GT-R wagon, I started screaming and squealing like I did at my first One Direction concert like a 13-year-old girl at her first One Direction concert. Then I started thinking of all the ways I could line up the financing so I could buy it for myself.

But then I realized that something didn't seem right here! I began to suspect that it wasn't actually a GT-R at all, so I put my keen investigative journalism skills to use and took a closer look.


My suspicions were confirmed when I saw the interior shot. That's pretty decidedly not the inside of a GT-R. So while it looks awesome, it's not the real deal. Know what else tipped me off? That it's called a "Nissan Skyline GTR Stagea M35" in the auction. I'm like Bob Woodward up in this game, y'all.

It turns out we've written about this car before. This is a JDM Nissan Stagea wagon that's been modified to look like Nissan's baddest performance car, at least from the front.

It looks like this particular pseudo GT-R wagon is for sale on the Portugese car classifieds website Stand Virtual where it's going for 35,000 euros, or about $45,000 in 'Murrican dollars.


It's a decently convincing job overall, as long as you don't let anyone get a close look at it or let them inside. Definitely, definitely don't let anyone sit inside.

So what say you, Jalopfriends? Would you pay $45 grand for an imitation GT-R wagon?

And instead of this fake stuff, can somebody please make a real GT-R wagon? I think you could command quite a bit of money for a legit one.

Photos credit Stand Virtual

H/T to our friends at Motor HEAD!