By choice, I live in New Jersey. I grew up there, it's familiar, and the commute from my Jersey City apartment is barely 30 minutes to Manhattan.

But there are some problems with NJ, like when one resident of your town takes some PCP and then runs amok.

Sunday evening, Jersey City resident Jargett Washington, who previously served three years in jail for drug dealing, stripped down to his birthday suit in the middle of a busy intersection and began pounding on car windows, yelling nonsense. He then attempted to car jack someone, who was able to fight Washington off.

When the police showed up, Washington tried to fight them off, but they got the better of him and brought him to the local hospital for evaluation. He was checked and released to the cops who brought him to a holding cell.

Washington didn't like the cell, and he showed it by spitting at the officers, eating the bracelet the hospital put on his wrists, and then trying to bite off his own hand to escape the handcuffs. That got him another trip to the hospital, where he was once again sent back with the cops.


On the way back to jail, Washington pooped in the back of the cop car. Once back in jail, he bit off his own finger and swallowed it. Yeah. You read that right.

That earned him a trip back to the hospital. They're keeping him there for a little while this time.

(Hat Tip to McMike!)