The Porsche Panamera is considered by many to be the most impressive luxury sedan for sale, but there was always something about it we felt was missing. Sure, it had a hatch, but wouldn't it look better as a wagon?

Now we've got the Panamera wagon we've always wanted in the form of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept, which just leaked ahead of its Paris Motor Show debut tomorrow. It's also a hybrid, but we won't let that spoil our good time.

The first photos come courtesy of, who have gotten it from... who knows where. Porsche doesn't like leaks, and someone just let this splendid wagon out of the bag early.

But who cares? It's glorious. The debates, of course, will rage about whether this is a shooting break or a true wagon. Give that it has four doors and a hatch we'll say wagon and ignore the Mercedes CLS 63 Shooting Brake's naming conventions.

Speaking of that vehicle, what more can we say then it's a great time to be alive? The Audi A7, CLS 63, and CTS-V Wagon are all hatch-y luxury sports goodness of the kind we've been begging for since the Internet was created. And now a wagon Porsche that isn't a crazy one-off concept?


The European car market may be a little worse for wear, but this show looks to be phenomenal.