We've already shown you the next generation McLaren P1 in all its conceptual glory. We've even let you compare it to the venerable McLaren F1 using our slider system.

Now we can finally show you more than the three angles provided by McLaren. With the help of some photos that leaked late last night we can show you seven more!

At the moment, there aren't many specs out there (and it looks as if the car doesn't even have an interior). The most hilarious rumors say it has the company's 3.8-liter V8 producing 803 horsepower matched to a 160 horsepower KERS-like system for a total of 963 horsepower.

Rumors also say it'll be made entirely of lightweight gingerbread, with marshmallow tires, and that it'll run entirely on Yoo-Hoo chocolate drink. Actually, that sounds delicious. More details tomorrow when the Paris Motor Show starts.


For now you'll have to enjoy these photos and imagine playing with the massive deployable wing/air brake. As always, click to enlarge.