Have you ever heard someone passionately extol the virtues of an automatic transmission? No, because they're boring. Jalopnik readers are here to tell you the ten reasons why you should drive a manual.

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10.) Fuel economy

Suggested By: Joe_Limon

The benefit: Many modern automatics and dual-clutch-automated-manual-thingamajigs are often faster and more fuel efficient than having the meat sack behind the wheel do his own shifting. But if you're not in the market for a brand new car, the shift-it-yourself-option is the more fuel-efficient choice.

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9.) A better understanding of your car

Suggested By: joesbagofdonuts

The benefit: Ever notice that computer programmers talk about computers like they have a mind of their own? For most people, it's just some sort of sorcery machine and if it won't connect to the internet in 10 seconds I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF AND THEN I'M GOING TO KILL YOU. But to those who understand how it works, everything about it makes more sense, and its problems seem simpler and easier to fix.


Same goes for a manual transmission. When you understand how the power is going from the engine to the wheels, and you control that bit, you're more likely to appreciate what you're driving and understand what it needs and wants.

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8.) You don't have to loan your car to anyone

Suggested By: PTLmarketingltd

The benefit:
Horrible Driver 1: "Can I borrow your car?"
You: "Of course, I'm a very generous person. Can you drive stick?"
Horrible Driver 1: "No."
You: "Oh, I'm so sorry, it looks like I'll be the only one driving my car."

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7.) Prevents distracted driving

Suggested By: Superkiwizorro

The benefit: Have you ever tried to eat a McMuffin, choose a radio station, talk on the phone, and drive an automatic car? It's pretty challenging. Have you ever tried doing that while your right hand and left leg are occupied with shifting? It's damn near impossible.

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6.) Because you want to learn

Suggested By: Brian1321 has the death wobble and its k

The benefit: Everyday people embark on new adventures and new activities, trying to acquire new skills just for the sake of learning something new and broadening their horizons. A 65-year old takes up the piano, an investment banker learns how to paint watercolors, the Queen of England tries out life as a gangster. There's no logical reason for people to learn something new just for the fun of it, but it keeps life interesting.

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5.) Be able to drive all cars

Suggested By: Monsterajr

The benefit: In Europe and way back before the '90s, the majority of cars are/were built with manual transmissions, and many of the most interesting models don't offer an automatic even as an option. Unless you want to deny yourself access to these strange and wondrous beasts, learning manual is a necessity.

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4.) Have more control over your car

Suggested By: paxman356

The benefit: With a manual transmission, you decide exactly how much power is going from the engine to the wheels at all times. This gives you better control in bad weather and other low-traction situations. You don't have to wait for the computer in your automatic to decide to downshift, or for it to figure out that you're driving on sand or snow. That doesn't always work out, as you can see above.

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3.) To be a successful car thief

Suggested By: IamStephen

The benefit: Just yesterday we learned again that driving a manual is a great way to thwart of potential thieves. And that is certainly a reason to drive one. But what if you want to be that potential thief? You're going to need to learn to drive stick if you want to be able to pinch any car. That E-type down the street has a clutch, and it's not going to steal itself.

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2.) It's more fun

Suggested By: starphoenix42

The benefit: Golfers play the game because they find it interesting and fun, for reasons we can't understand. People drive manual cars for the same reason — because it's fun to them. But unlike golf, it doesn't cost a ton of money and take up an entire day, nor do you have to wear ridiculous pants.

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1.) Just in case

Suggested By: Eyaare

The benefit: Imagine, if you will, that you're being chased by terrifying aliens that want to abduct and probe you. You're running through a field when you come across a 2005 Mini Cooper S. The keys are in the ignition, but, alas! It's the 6-speed manual version and you can't drive stick. Now you're going to be probed and murdered by space rapists.

You should've learned to use three pedals, just in case.

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