You thought bad cars went away with the Yugo? You were wrong and Jalopnik readers are here to educate you. These are the ten most hatefully awful cars on sale here in the US of A.

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Photo Credit: Toyota/Fabian Pinto B

10.) Nissan Sentra

Suggested By: SennaMP4

Why you shouldn't buy it: It used to be a fine car, but it's old now. You can just buy a Versa and get a better car for several thousand dollars less.

Photo Credit: Nissan

9.) Scion xD

Suggested By: nataku83

Why you shouldn't buy it: You know that 29 combined MPG is not worth the price of a scratchy plastic interior, an ugly body, a wheezy engine and an archaic four-speed automatic.

Photo Credit: Scion

8.) Smart ForTwo

Suggested By: Danny MkBN

Why you shouldn't buy it: You don't live in Milan, Ljubljana, or Lyon. You have to drive for long distances. If you're going to buy a car with little to no useable space and the world's worst transmission, you deserve fuel economy that beats a Hyundai.

Photo Credit: Smart

7.) Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet

Suggested By: Reptawr King of the Ozone!

Why you shouldn't buy it: Some cars are different because other carmakers don't have the vision to produce something rare and interesting. You know that the CrossCab is not one of those cars. It is different because everyone else thought of the idea, decided it was terrible, and moved on.

Photo Credit: Nissan

6.) Jeep Compass

Suggested By: SennaMP4

Why you shouldn't buy it: If you want a car to just drive around on the road, you'll buy a car and not some jacked up Caliber with a fancy grill. If you want to go off road, you'll buy a real Jeep. If you need something that's compact with four wheel drive, you'll buy a Subaru like everyone else.

Photo Credit: Jeep

5.) Honda Crosstour

Suggested By: AndreaGentile13

Why you shouldn't buy it: You never think, "if only my car was needlessly heavy, impractical for its size, and looked like a fat larva."

Photo Credit: Honda

4.) Lexus HS 250h

Suggested By: Nibby4WD

Why you shouldn't buy it: If you're going to suffer with a hybrid that looks like a fat Corolla, it must at least get better gas mileage than 35 city/34 highway. You want more than 187 horsepower for something that costs around $45,000. It's no surprise the car was axed.

Photo Credit: Lexus

3.) Mitsubishi Eclipse

Suggested By: stratity

Why you shouldn't buy it: Every sports car comes with compromises. When you make these compromises, you want just two things out of the deal: a car that looks good and is fun to drive. The Eclipse is neither of those things.

Photo Credit: Mitsubishi

2.) Chrysler 200

Suggested By: 3illB

Why you shouldn't buy it: It's still a Sebring.

Photo Credit: Chrysler

1.) Toyota Corolla

Suggested By: Honda_Hooning_Daily_Driver

Why you shouldn't buy it: You know there's more to life than reliability and decent fuel economy. You have some semblance of style. You want a car that isn't crude, ugly, rough-riding, and noisy. You have a soul.

Photo Credit: Toyota