The automobile is not designed to fly. Sure, it might seem like an obvious statement but Hollywood stunt drivers, rednecks on YouTube and various high flying motorsports have all done their best at times to convince us otherwise.

This weekend we're disregarding the obvious shortcomings of an automobile when it comes to taking flight. We want to know what you think is the optimum automotive choice for leaving the ground. It doesn't have to be scientific or even rational, but based on your viewing of other people launching cars in the air or perhaps even personal experience, what car (or truck) do you believe is best suited for flight?


To me there is only one answer to this question-the 1973 Ford Mustang. A heavy and arguably underpowered car might sound like a crazy choice, but you need look no further than the original Eleanor from the 1974 Gone In 60 Seconds to see what the last of the large Mustangs can be capable of.

There were no big name actors or cheesy CGI when H.B. Halicki made Gone in 60 Seconds. When it came time to film the movie's exciting ending, the junkyard owner turned filmmaker was the one responsible for launching his heavily modified Mustang 30 feet up in the air.

Halicki compacted 10 vertebrae making the 128 foot jump while Eleanor sustained slightly more serious damage. Even so, the result was not just a great ending to a fantastic car movie but also a convincing argument for the 1973 Mustang's ability to fly.