First of all, PLEASE STAY CALM. Yes, there has been a pig wearing a scarf spotted on the side of Interstate 376 in Pittsburgh. The pig was not apprehended, but leapt a guard rail and ran off into the woods.

While no other information is known about the pig, state troopers have confirmed that the young-looking pig is wearing a scarf. This means, of course that if you encounter the piglet, please exercise extreme caution as the pig's neck is very likely to be extremely toasty.


This scarved piglet is a grave threat to America's already over-squee'd cute glands, which have been overstimulated at record levels for the past decade, thanks to the terrifyingly easy access to adorable kittehs and puppiehs and bunniehs and other weapons-grade adorability.

Again, if you encounter any pig wearing anything adorable, please think about its filthy anus so you can stave off the cutevulsions long enough to escape.