A Japanese doctor is facing fines and possible jail time after posting footage of a high speed drive in his Ferrari 458 to Youtube.

According to BBC World News, the 50-year-old doctor from Okawa in Fukuoka Prefecture was reported by concerned citizens after posting the video you see above. It shows the man driving his Ferrari 458 at high speeds, including a 77mph drive through a 25mph zone.

The surprisingly flame free footage was taken last April on highways and coastal roads in Fukuoka. Police were tipped off to the video in May but just recently arrested the man.

As the Mainichi Daily News explains, police were able to determine the speed of the Ferrari based on the distance covered and time elapsed. A police spokesman told the AFP news agency that the driver was identified from the footage, and he could face a six month jail sentence or a fine of up to $1,220 if convicted.

We aren't sure how someone who can afford a Ferrari 458 still uses a camera as crappy as the one seen here, especially since the video was made because he "wanted people to understand the beauty of a Ferrari". Either way, we suspect he won't be recording another drive in his 458 anytime soon.


Hat tip to Slave2anMG!