The modern boarding pass is a mess, so it's great to see a major airline like Delta put so much thought into their new one, launching today. It's clearer, easier to read, and no longer looks like splatter art done with random bits of information.

Delta's new design may not be as bold as ones suggested elsewhere, but it does take many of the properties obviously lacking on the current-before-today designs.

Whereas the old boarding pass put information on various lines, mixed in with information you don't need or want, all the info here is portrayed linearly. Your flight, boarding time, gate, zone, seat, departure and arrival are all there, easy to find.

They've also moved all information you don't need to a vertical on the edge of the document. Do you really need the long ticket number so prominently displayed? Nope. So now it's on the side.


Information you did need was, for some reason, portrayed in the least helpful way possible. Before, 10:13 am was portrayed as "1013A" for no good reason. Now it's just good old 10:13am. The weird mix of serifed and faux-typewriter fonts are now also dropped for a clearer typeface.

There's still a lot of extra whitespace on the document, but because it's unified at the top of the pass it's no longer confusing or distracting.

Anyone flying today get a pic of the real one? Please put it in comments.

Photo Credit: Delta/Getty, Squarespace