Although any Volvo 1800ES is a pretty rare find, an example with only 90 original miles on it like this one is beyond rare. We sincerely doubt any other 1800ES in the world has traveled so few miles and remained in such perfect example as the orange car seen here.

Built in 1973 during the second and final year of 1800ES production, there is no explanation included with the ad as to how or why this example managed to travel a mere 90 miles over the last 38 years. Even harder to understand is how someone had such a cool car sitting in their garage and resisted the urge to drive it.


It's currently listed for sale with a New York state dealer with an undisclosed price. According to a post in the Car Lounge thread where we came across this car, the seller is looking for somewhere around $90,000 for this low mileage Volvo.

In an ideal world with an unlimited budget, we'd buy it and immediately start racking up the miles on our "brand new" 1800ES. Something tells us whoever eventually purchases the car will be a little more concerned with protecting their investment.

[ExoticClassics via TCL]