When the far ahead of its time 1936 Cord 810 was introduced it changed the automotive landscape forever. One of the innovations featured on the 810 were the previously unseen standard hidden headlights (operated by crank), a feature that would be used on cars for decades afterwards. This weekend we want to know which car you think carried the option best. What is your favorite car with hidden headlights?

My favorite car with hidden headlights is the 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge. Why the 1969 Judge you might ask? Well, besides the fact these rare muscle machines are equal parts over the top and awesome, Judges equipped with the GTO optional hidden headlights had something that set them apart from most cars with hidden headlights—they looked just as good whether hidden or turned on. No awkward popup headlights ruining the lines of an otherwise beautiful car at night. The Judge's lights looked like they were designed to be there—probably because they were.

What is your favorite car with hidden headlights?

Photo Credit: myoldpostcards