Junkyards are the everyday temples of the gearhead, offering parts for cheap and a sense of mystery about what you might find inside. Here are the ten most amazing junkyards in the world, as selected by Jalopnik readers.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Andreina Schoeberlein

10.) Corvair Ranch

Suggested By: justinw2116

Why it's awesome: Every time you get ready to buy a collectible car, keep the Corvair Ranch in Gettysburg, PA in mind. We don't doubt that what started as a parts car or two, or three, or five has algal bloomed into a lot of over 600 Corvairs, and more parts than we care to contemplate. This could be you!

Photo Credit: CorvairRanch.com

9.) Russian junkyard filled with ladies

Suggested By: 57sweptside

Why it's awesome: There's nothing wrong with a good Russian junkyard, where you can find all the old Moskvitch parts your need, but this one seems to be inhabited by tons of hippie Russian chicks! We don't know why they all live there, but we want to go and find out.

Photo Credit: netwind.ru

8.) Arizona motorcycle junkyard

Suggested By: $kaycog

Why it's awesome: Junkyards aren't just for cars, and it's hard to find a more impressive looking junkyard than this twisting, endless pile of motorcycles out in Arizona. Seeing this many bikes all together, slowly rusting away is both completely awesome and a little bit depressing.

Photo Credit: Shenanigans

7.) Lamborghini prototype wrecking yard

Suggested By: Pessimippopotamus

Why it's awesome: Back through the ‘80s, Lamborghini used to keep all its old prototypes in a wrecking yard at the back of the factory. Before things like a Jalpa convertible or the Espada prototype were crushed, they'd all get assembled out back. Car Magazinefound their way back there to take some pictures for their May 1988 issue, and the photos remain totally mind blowing. Lamborghini has since done away with their private super-junkyard, but at least this old Espada prototype was saved, still in the Lamborghini Museum.

Photo Credit: Car Magazine

6.) Arizona desert junkyard

Suggested By: 57sweptside

Why it's awesome: The dry, Arizona desert seems to be the perfect place for a junkyard. Land is cheap, there aren't any homeowner's associations to pester you, and the dry air slows the onset of rust to a crawl. Here's one junkyard that reader 57sweptside found out between Kingman, AZ and the Hoover dam, and we remain blown away by the sea of faded old American iron resting out there in the desert.

Photo Credit: 57sweptside

5.) Russian military vehicle graveyard

Suggested By: Reptar

Why it's awesome: You know what's cooler than finding a bunch of old Russian cars in the woods? Finding in a bunch of old Russian war machines in the woods! Take a better look at these Cold War beasts back here at Jalopnik.

Photo Credit: English Russia

4.) Historische Autofriedhof, Switzerland

Suggested By: Edvinas Baltrušaitis

Why it's awesome: Kaufdorf, Switzerland's Historic Car Graveyard Gürbetal was one of the great collections of cars anywhere in the world, with over seven hundred classic European cars of every make and model. Nature had done its best to conquer the machines, but it was ultimately people who did in the place in, selling off the stock back in September 2009. The world is a poorer place without it.

Photo Credit: thisischris

3.) Scrapheap Challenge / Junkyard Wars junkyard

Suggested By: rjnerd

Why it's awesome: It's great to have a junkyard where you can go and find that electric window motor you've been needing for the past couple months but haven't bothered to get, but don't we all know that great junkyards are worthy of grander things? Like, say, competitions to build fireboats and submarines out of junked car parts and whatever else that could be found. Reader rjnerd actually competed in the original show Scrapheap Challenge, the British predecessor of Junkyard Wars, and we salute him and his engineering excellence.

Photo Credit: Garth Firth

2.) Desert Valley Auto Parts

Suggested By: 57sweptside

Why it's awesome: If the Arizona desert is the junkyard holy land, then it stands to reason that the best junkyard in Arizona is the best junkyard, period. We hit the hallmarks of a great junkyard here – strange, rare cars, endless space, and a hot dry sun to keep you company while sorting through decades of another man's absolutely awesome trash.

Photo Credit: 57sweptside

1.) AMARC junkyard in Tucson

Suggested By: Gamecat235

Why it's awesome: "The Boneyard" is the world's biggest airplane graveyard. You can't go wrenching off your own parts on a half-price day, but you will be stunned by the sheer scale and presence of what must be the greatest junkyard in the world. See more at the place's website, theamarcexperience.com.

Photo Credit: AMARC