Somewhat incongruously there's a professional ice hockey team based in Wolfsburg, Germany that is named after a ‘70s American TV show - Grizzly Adams. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Scirocco is both a Wolfsburg edition, and pretty cool, but will its price ice the deal?

Not German, but Italian-American, yesterday's 1972 Pantera L still proved to be not only cool, but to also have a red hot price to match its fire engine red color. At least that was the apparent opinion of the 77% of you voting it a Nice Price win all the live-long day.

Volkswagen may not have ever dropped a badge on anything quite as exciting as the Pantera, but they have tossed out some cars that were very toss-able, one of which being the Karmann Ghia-replacing Scirocco. Today's second generation Vee-dub sport coupe lacks the original's taut Giugaro design aesthetic, but gains natty white on rice Wolfsburg edition threads.


This 1985 Scirocco Wolfsburg Edition is described by its owner as being in perfect running condition and is as it arrived from Karmann Coachworks in Osnabruck. That's somewhat rare as owners of old VWs tend to be unable to leave things alone, always updating this or short-shifting that. Speaking of shifters, he also notes that this car's 5-speed was replaced back in '03.

Externally, the car presents well, although there's something going on with the left front wheel arch where either the paint has rubbed off or something nasty has been rubbed on, ewww. Strangely, it mirrors the rubber rock guard on the rear fender, making it appear almost planned. The rest of the car looks clean but not pristine, what with the paint fading and chipping from the massive bumpers — although the white does appear slimming on those. The alloy wheels are factory stock and are also painted like a virgin.

Looking inside is like walking into the Nautica store at the outlet mall. The white with blue pinstriped seats in front show some wear, and in fact the driver's throne shows significant fart-related deterioration. Forever alone, the seller claims the back seats have never seen use. VW may have taken pride in the design of the dash at the time, but today its too many pieces and all odd angles don't speak of a quality build. At least this one‘s un-cracked and unmarred by a d-bag stereo.

As it is apparently stock, under-hood you will find the 90-bhp 8V four which provides the motivation. There's A/C and power windows and locks for the touch of luxury, and of course that nose-cosseting bra. On the down side, despite having himself recently put 4K on the odo, the seller says the car previously sat - Rip Van Winkle-like for 13 years. It was shaken awake this year only to be amazed at how small cellular phones are, and the fact that our President is black. What amazing times in which we live.


If you wanted to live in — or just drive — this '85 Wolfburgian Scirocco then get ready to cough up $4,700 for the privilege. You might think that's a butt-load of change for a 26-year old VW, until you remember that it shares its tail lights with the sexy Aston Martin Virage.

What do you think about this Scirocco for just $4,700? Is that a price that puts the wolf in your burg? Or, does that make this white car not the right car?

You decide!

Seattle Craigslist or go here if the ad disappears.

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