Looking for a vintage and truly one of a kind way to see the country? You probably wouldn't want to drive this Custom Cadillac Camper anywhere currently, but with mechanical skill, a large budget and lots of imagination this could be the one of a kind vintage camper of your nightmares dreams.

Jalopnik has seen a few Cadillac Campers over the years, but this one is different. Although it's hard to believe, Cadillacs built on commercial chassis were converted into Campers on a very limited basis by several companies in the late 40s, 50s and 60s. Cleverly called Caddy Shacks by some, after the camper conversion there was usually little more than factory front sheet metal to identify the cars as Cadillacs.

This particular Cadillac is not one of these Caddy Shacks, but an example of good old ‘Merican backyard engineering. Although Sawzalls and cars are a combination best left to professionals, thousands of mad automotive scientists in backyards and garages across America have been mixing the two with varied results for years.


However you feel about this result its clear when this Sedan de Ville left the factory, it was not intended for any special use. The model and the still partially visible doors are dead giveaways that this Cadillac did not start life with a commercial chassis and was accordingly never intended to be a camper.

Instead, this Cadillac is the mixture of a Sedan de Ville, a slide in camper and at least one individual's deranged mind. We are guessing all three were in a lot better shape several decades ago. Although the Sedan de Ville still runs and what is left of the car is fairly complete, the old and gross slide out camper is an essential part of the Cadillac leaving us to wonder what the next owner of this bizarre creation will decide to do with it.


Beyond burning properly disposing of the slide out camper, we aren't exactly sure what we would do with this custom Caddy. With the right combination of time and metal working skill, this Sedan de Ville could be an excellent starting point for an ambitious but guilt-free Cadillac Camino or an excellent parts car. Luckily, it's a decision we don't have to make. At least one person has some potential use in mind and has placed a bid on the old car. We'll be watching when the auction ends in two days and wondering what the new owner has in store for this home built Caddy Camper.