It's the worst story ever told. A thief takes off in a newly restored Mustang and runs it into a brick wall, as the owner/restorer looks on. What happens next is a Xmas miracle, or pretty damn close to one.

As Hemmings tells the story of Mike and Sheri Gomez's 1969 Mustang, Mike spent three years stripping it down to bare metal and then rebuilding the thing in his garage workshop. One morning while Mike was upstairs, he heard the engine start. He ran out to find some thieving bastard pulling out of his driveway. Mike grabbed hold of the car as the thief drove away, and broke his foot in the process. The ensuing crash totaled the unregistered Mustang, and Mike's homeowner's insurance company has refused to pay for the damage.


But that's not the end of the story. In true "Zuzu's petals" fashion, Drew Tennant of Drew's Garage in Tempe Arizona took in the besmashed Mustang and performed a bit of metal magic, straightening the frame to better-than-factory spec. The Mustang is in full-primer glory now, and will likely be in roadworthy stead by next summer's cruising season. Not a dry eye in the house, I say.

[via Hemmings]