This is Answers of the Day - where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's "Question Of The Day". It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Today: The Ten Worst Aftermarket Body Kits.

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Body kits can be just right on some vehicles, like the factory kits on the BMW 2002 Turbo or the DTM-inspired Mercedes 190e Evolution, especially when styled with moderation. Everything starts to go wrong when so-called enthusiast gets their hands a kit. Even big tuning companies are guilty of this heinous crime against our eyes. Here is the list of the ten worst body kit offenders. Welcome back to Answers of the Day!

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10.) Honda Civic M3

Suggested by: engineswap

Why It's So Awful: Fake it 'til you make it right? In this case, you can try to look like an M3 and maybe some people will believe you, but we, the people who really matter, will know and we will shake our heads in disapproval and place our palms to our face in disbelief.

Photo Credit: Culture Garage

9.) RIX Shark Hyundai Tiburon

Suggested by: McMike

Why It's So Awful: For those of the Spanish persuasion, Tiburon means shark. In this world there are two kinds of cars: sheep and sharks. Sadly, the Tiburon is not a shark, but people want to make it one. Please notice the gullwing doors, painted with a shark tooth-like motif, the blank, fishy stare, and the ray-mouth brake ducts. This chimera of sea creatures leaves us wondering what happened to the shark?

Photo Credit: Michael Gil

8.) Custom Australian Ford Taurus

Suggested by: Chuck Lindstrom

Why It's So Awful: This is what happens when you give Australians American Fords. Yes it is Matt, yes it is.

7.) Pretty Much Any Chevrolet Cavalier

Suggested by pbrtim

Why It's So Awful: Apparently, it's easy enough to find abhorrent images of body kits. All you have to do is open your browser and in Google type in "Cavalier Bodykit". Yes, we meant "body kit". Usually the body kit on these is left primered and unpainted. The owner took it upon themselves to paint their Cavalier this glorious Poison Arrow Frog Orange. I think I feel it working... whoa.

Photo Credit: ImageShack

6.) Honda Corvette-Assed Accord

Suggested by: vpcmotorsport

Why It's So Awful: Language as a whole fails me. There is no measure for the length of time my palm was on my face. Primered and unpainted? Yes. Side strakes? Yes. Multitude of spoilers? Yes. Gaping holes? Yes. Hybridization/bastardization? Yes. I see a theme forming here...

Photo Credit: 98blazerss

5.) Fierrari Enzo

Suggested by: mechanicalTurk

Why It's So Awful: The theme continues! Ferrari's for everybody! If you can't have (or afford) the exclusive Enzo, make your own. Attach gullwing doors, add a spoiler, and stick on all the Ferrari and Formula 1 decals you get your grubby little hands on, and voilà! The end product is something that looks more like a duck than an Enzo.

4.) McLaren SLR Red Gold Nightmare

Suggested by: rphillips16

Why It's So Awful: The price of gold may be topping the market, but that doesn't mean it's in fashion. However, this Swiss guy really likes red and he really, really likes gold. You name it, he's got it in red and gold. This SLR, with its cow-catcher front fascia (There are a lot of cows in Switzerland), ruby-encrusted interior, and gold wheels and trim, is valued at $4.3 million, at least in early 2009 it was. As it turns out, the appraiser was blinded by the car's sheer ridiculousness.

3.)The ASMA Cylons

Suggested by: Jagvar

Why It's So Awful: ASMA design, Mercedes tuners, have brought ugly body kits to a new level. Pretty much every single one of their offerings looks like a Cylon. From the PhatASMA CL shown here to the CLS Shark II, ASMA seems to really know how to make a mighty atrocious robot. I ask again, "Why God, why?"

2.) Almost Anything by Veilside

Suggested by Scandinavian Flick

Why It's So Awful: Did anyone see F&F: Tokyo Drift? Remember that RX-7 that was doing donuts around another car? Yeah, that monstrosity had a Veilside body kit. This Toyota MR2 also has a Veilside body kit. You can see where I'm going with this. Their Wikipedia article says they are a manufacturer of "body parts for aerodynamic and aesthetic enhancement of the vehicle." Right... moving on.

Photo Credit: Ed Callow

1.) Mansory Everything

Suggested by: E30fernando

Why It's So Awful: Yes, tuners, you're doing it wrong. Mansory's Cayenne Chopster embodies everything that is wrong with the world. The same theme can be seen throughout Mansory's offerings. There's something about clashing trim, two-tone paint, and more holes in the body than Swiss cheese that really makes our spines tingle, but not in a good way. The one pictured here is the least offensive one we could find. LEAST!