The MV 220 Continuous Miner has dual 3 pronged fan-like blades with giant studded teeth that tear through rock as they rotate. A central roller on top follows through like a ferocious car wash.[Oobject]

This is the Roadheader used at Stanford Linear Accelerator Construction. [Oobject]

The Anshan Powerful Heavy Industry Co. Roadheader. [Oobject]

This is the Joy 12HM36, the. Worlds Largest Continuous Miner. It weighs 120 tons and was first produced in 1948. [Oobject]

The Joy 1CM Continuous Miner dates back to the 1950s. [Oobject]

This subsea rock cutting platform is made by Cellula Robotics. [Oobject]

The Sandvik MF 120 Continous Miner. [Oobject]

Fairfield Continuous Coal Mining Machine has no cab and the cutter head has a spiral and waste removal system that is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. [Oobject]

A terrifying looking Hybrid Heading And Mining Machine. [Oobject]

Continous Mining for Road Salt is how the road salt that's distributed on streets in winter is mined. [Oobject]

The T3 20 Roadheader is specifically designed for medium to hard rock. [Oobject]

A Heavy-Duty (100 ton plus, perhaps) Roadheader from the Ukraine. [Oobject]

A strange dual boom drill with two giant booms extending from the tractor cab of this mining machine like a praying mantis. [Oobject]


The Mitsui SLB 300s is one of the largest roadheaders available, able to cut out a hole more than 25 feet high. [Oobject]