While some people prefer to fake it 'till they make it, the better policy is always to fake it while you make it. Unfortunately, numerous cars look faster than they drive. What's the ultimate poser car?

Can you say Mitsubishi Eclipse? The name couldn't be more appropriate as Mitsubishi's slowly hidden from you view any semblance of the great car they once built. First and second generation Eclipses are still prized for their performance. Unfortunately, the third generation was a reversal of everything the car represented. The second gen's AWD was dropped for FWD-only. The sport-tuned suspension was engineered for softness. The potent turbo four-banger was replaced with a V6.

The current generation is maybe the worst, offering up the appearance of a sports car (albeit a bloated one) on what is essentially the Mitsubishi Endeavor/Galant platform. It's basically a Solara and if you see someone rocking a new one in a way other than I'm-a-high-school-cheerleader they are a poser. Plain and simple.

See if you can spot the phony, Holden (but not the phony Holden).

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