Haylee Arnell of Riverton, Utah managed to break at least seven laws Wednesday night when she drunkenly plowed head-first into a cop car while driving the wrong way alone in an HOV lane. And it's all on video below.

Not much is known about how Arnell's night started, but some clue may be that her birthday is listed on Facebook as sometime in August. Or it's possible she just likes to drink on Wednesday nights. Either way she apparently was involved in an accident in Lehi, Utah before taking to Interstate 15. Eventually, she found herself driving slowly the wrong way in her Toyota Camry in the HOV lane.

Numerous 911 calls led a Utah Highway Patrolman to track her down and cut across the freeway to block other cars from getting in her path and, hopefully, stop the woman. Unfortunately, the only way to stop a drunk Haylee Arnell is with the front-end of a police car.


The smack injured the troopers back and, as he points out numerous times in the video, it was "a brand new car." He was fine, as was Arnell, who can be seen trying to move out of the car a few times before giving up.

She was released on bond after seven counts, including DUI with injury, wrong way driving, unsafe lane travel, leaving the scene of an accident, and unlawful consumption due to her age.


Not much else is known about Haylee, who appears to have smartly deleted her Facebook page. A cached version of what's possibly her Facebook page shows she likes Family Guy and hated Farmville.

The incident is under investigation. We think someone needs to investigate what's up with Utah's women.


(Hat tip to BradyB!)