This smurf-blue McLaren F1 plowed into two stopped vehicles on Germany's A48 autobahn on Friday. The accident took out the car's left front corner. Cost if you do this to a Honda Civic? A couple grand. Here? Six figures.

This photograph was taken shortly following the incident. According to the German police report, the car you see here was cruising down the A48 autobahn near Bendorf when it encountered stopped traffic. Police say an unidentified driver swerved into the McLaren's path, causing it to hit two parked cars. Repair costs are estimated to be around $130,000. Given that F1s regularly trade hands for several million dollars, that seems cheap. (That said, smurf dip probably doesn't fetch much per gallon, you know?*)

Anyone wanna play I Spy Busted-Ass Supercar Parts? I see a radiator, a horn, maybe that featherweight Kenwood CD changer that supposedly lives in the front storage compartment...

*Who am I kidding? I'd take one of these things if it was covered in polka dots and brown shag.