A true appreciation of automobiles encourages as much reverence for the people who drive, design, and build them as for the cars themselves, which leads to this question: Who is the biggest automotive badass of all time?

KRS-One said "a real thug is a thug that's hush," and no one is more hush than Roger Penske. It's a name you hear but an ego you rarely recognize. Nearly universally respected — if not universally liked — there's no facet of the automotive world he's not a part of. There's no facet of the automotive world he hasn't found success in. After a successful start in racing, he turned his passion for cars into one of the most famous and powerful racing teams in history. He sells cars. He builds cars. He is cars... and trucks. Those Penske Trucks you see? That's him, too. And he manages to do all of this without drawing attention to himself. You won't see him getting into highly publicized fights. He just wins. Which is pretty badass.

Think you know a badder dude than Roger Penske? Do share.

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Photo Credit: David Taylor/Getty Images