Home Owners Associations (NAMBLA) are tyrannical little organizations exerting pointless rules on home owners. One man fought his HOA over one such rule — to park his pickup in his own driveway. He won. It only cost him $187,000.

AJ Vizzi of Odessa, Florida moved into his home in 1997, a home under the big brother eye of a home owners association, but before he did he made sure it was fine for him to park his pickup truck in the driveway. Permission granted. Fast forward to 2006 when he's informed he can no longer park a truck in his own driveway and the HOA was suing him to force him to stop. Well, Mr. Vizzi was having none of these bully tactics and defended himself, as well he should.

In 2008 a judge ruled in his favor, but of of course, not leaving well enough alone the HOA appealed the case which dragged the whole process out another two years. In March, a judge again ruled in Vizzi's favor and also awarded him legal fees to the tune of $187,000. All told the Eagles Masters Association is out a staggering $300,000. Of course, nobody involved in the bringing the suit cares, they'll just jack up the home owners association fees so now everyone in the neighborhood will be mad at Vizzi for standing up for his rights.
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A half-hearted congratulations Mr. Vizzi, you won one for the good guys, but screwing all the neighbors was an unfortunate byproduct. [My Fox Tampa Bay via Autoblog]