Kate Walsh once famously asked, "When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?" You answered with all sorts of deliciously weird and sadistic sexual deviancy. Here are your ten fetishes of choice.

This is Answers of the Day — a feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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10. Appreciating Speed

Suggested By: Bret

Why It's Hot: There's nothing worse than driving with enthusiasm and having your passenger reach for the "oh shit" handles in your car. When you find that special someone who sits there and takes it with a smile and a giggle, hold onto them.


Photo credit: auremar/Shutterstock

9. Greasy, Dirty Guys

Suggested By: fhrblig

Why It's Hot: For some, there's nothing better than seeing your guy come in from the garage all sweaty and dirty from a long wrenching session. For others, just hearing him fighting with a stubborn part is enough to get all hot and bothered.


Photo credit: Project Q Atlanta

8. Young Women In Older Cadillacs

Suggested By: Arturo Rivera

Why It's Hot: I think a lot of guys are turned on by a classy lady. One who appreciates the finer things in life, like massive American iron and motoring in comfort. And what isn't sexy about a girl piloting several tons of vintage steel? Nothing. Nothing at all.


Photo credit: xxxbrianxxx, flickr

7. Women Fixing Older Cars

Suggested By: RäcinG73™

Why It's Hot: There is almost nothing sexier than a woman on her back, covered in oil, writhing around... underneath a car. Fixing it. Doing things with wrenches and power tools that I could only dream about. Yeah. Dream about. Yup. Where were we?


Photo credit: Myspace

6. Girls In Pickup Trucks

Suggested By: PotbellyJoe

Why It's Hot: Jackson Browne wrote it, but the Eagles had a hit singing about a girl, my lord, in a flatbed Ford, and for decades before and since she's been incredibly attractive. PotbellyJoe adds, "I think the cuteness factor gets a 43% boost when she's behind the wheel of a decent truck. The Eagles had it right. Such a fine sight to see."


Photo credit: Dan Howell/Shutterstock

5. Women at Track Days

Suggested By: trev

Why It's Hot: You usually get a hint of hair poking out of the back of the helmet, but the real turn-on doesn't happen until she takes it off. Let's recap: Not only is there a woman at a track day on her own free will, but she's in a driving suit and wearing a helmet. Unf.


Photo credit: Bukisa Knowledgebase

4. Flo From Progressive Insurance

Suggested By: Fordboy357

Why It's Hot: Dude, why wouldn't you have a thing for Flo? She's friendly and funny, she's all about helping other people find great deals on car insurance, and she's kinda cute.


Photo credit: Youtube

3. Guys In Muscle Cars

Suggested By: Tibbychick1

Why It's Hot: Guys in muscle cars are sexy in the same way that James Dean is sexy. We're not talking about garage-queen, numbers-matching, million-dollar Camaros here — this is for old muscle cars that are loved but used hard every day. Just like the guy behind the wheel. It's all about the attitude. Dude knows that what he's got under the hood is awesome, and he knows that you know, too.

2. Girls Washing Cars

Suggested By: pauljones

Why It's Hot: Come on, you had to have known this was coming. If you have to ask...


Photo credit: Youtube

1. Driving a Stick In Heels

Suggested By: luisthebeast

Why It's Hot: Everybody likes a girl who knows her way around a stick. It's even better when she's doing it in heels and a skirt. Legs + Third Pedal + Mastery of the Gearshift = Incredibly sexy.


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