The legendary "Bigfoot" monster truck has abandoned its Ford F-series body for the first time in favor of Chevy Silverado styling. This is the new Bigfoot.

News of a new, Chevy-bodied Bigfoot comes from, who reports that, when it comes to a badge change, it all comes down to sponsorship. Firestone is an official sponsor of Bigfoot, and Ford dropped its sponsorship of the much-loved, big-wheeled, car-crushing machine a few years ago. Firestone wants the truck at the Major League All-Star game, and the Chevy Silverado is the official truck of MLB, so the change is being made. No word yet on whether or not it's permanent.

Still, Bigfoot wearing a bow tie and not a blue oval? That's like Larry Bird playing for the Lakers or Bill Gates taking over Apple. Has the whole world gone crazy? []