What would you pay for a NASCAR veteran '65 Impala, allegedly driven by Roy Mayne? Crazed modelmaker ParkRNDL tipped us about this car more than a week ago, but then our friends at Bring A Trailer discovered it.

The top bid, which ends this afternoon, is into five figures now, which means that quite a few potential buyers believe that this car is the real deal. Could it be? It sure looks convincing, but the deal seemed better when the buyer said he could get team owner Tim Hunter to suppy the car's original 409 engine; a seller's note from a couple of days back reads "NOTE JUST GOT IN TOUTCH WITH TOM HUNTER ON THE ENGINE AND TRANEY THAT WAS IN THE CAR. HE SAID HE SOLD THE THE LAND AND BUILDING , AND SOLD THE ENGINE AND TRANEY ALSO. A DEVELOPER BOUGHT THE LAND ,BUT THE ENGINE WAS GONE AND COULD NOT BE FOUND." Wouldn't this car have run a 396 in 1965, anyway?

Coincidentally, Driveshaft Through The Skull Emblem designer and racer Walker Canada has been welding and Bondo-ing a basket-case '65 Impala into a 24 Hours of LeMons entry for an upcoming South Carolina race, using a 307 small-block and 5-speed transmission torn from a wrecked S10. It won't be fast, but who cares? As long as it looks even half as good as Walker's design, we'll be happy.
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