This Veyron replica popped up on eBay a few days ago. It may or may not be real (UPDATE: It's not!) but three things are certain: It's audacious, It's expensive, and it wants to be your friend.

Admit it: Your life is incomplete. You need an example of the world's superest supercar, and while you have a lot of money to spend, you don't have that much money. Your prayers have been answered with this giant flaming ball of Whatthefuck. Sort of.

Gentlemen! Ladies! Children of all ages! Gather 'round while I lay out the details! According to the seller, this magnificently crafted pile of fakery sports:

  • A "Porsche 911 Chassis"
  • A "Hand-made Carbon-Fiber Body"
  • A "Original 8-liter Bugatti EB 16/4 Veyron Engine W-16 - 4 turbochargers"
  • A "7-Speed Paddle-activated Manual No-clutch Transmission" (No-clutch! Woo!)
  • The carbon-ceramic braking system from a Corvette ZR-1
  • An exterior and interior claimed to be "IDENTICAL" to "the actual vehicle," which sounds both supremely shady and a hundred kinds of... no, wait, that just sounds shady
  • Paint and leather that can be "customized to suit at no extra charge"
  • "Push Botton (sic) Ignition"
  • A whole bunch of other stuff that means it totally exists and isn't just some scammer's (the car is being sold in Utah) wet dream (the seller is listed as living in Canada) or lamelamelame attempt at selling (people have made two offers on this thing? really?) something that doesn't actually, you know, occupy real estate on planet Earth. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Ahem. Yes. $620,000? For a replica of a vehicle that costs $1.7 million? Oof. I need a drink.


UPDATE: It's definitely not real. As ward.derrick points out, the car in the pictures (I knew I'd seen it somewhere) is a Volkswagen design study living in Germany and thus cannot be for sale — or a Veyron replica, obviously — anywhere else. Faaaaaaaaaaaake. For shame, random Canadian/Utah eBay guy! For shame!

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