Modern Mercedes diesels feature Bluetec which treats emissions like jellyfish stings, making them better by whizzing on them. Today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a blue '79 300SD, the purchase of which could also mean a golden shower.

If a '71 Ford woody wagon rev'd its 400-cid V8 in the forest, and there was no one around to hear it, would it have still made a 67% Nice Price vote? That's one of life's imponderable questions, and one that we don't have to ruminate upon as the love poured out for yesterday's family Ford, despite the somewhat close vote results.

That Country Squire could have played the stunt double for the White House crushing USS Yorktown in last year's Oscar® contender 2012, and its presence would have been at least as credible as the rest of the movie. Today's benz isn't quite as big, and only possesses 5 pots to the Ford's 8, but what it lacks in tip-in acceleration, it more than makes up in fuel economy and Xzibit-approved style.

This 1979 Mercedes Benz 300SD rocks the 2,998-cc OM617 turbo-diesel five, which is good for a little more than 123-bhp, 170 ft-lbs of torque, and a reputation for unstoppability that rivals that of Ah-nold Schwarzenegger's title role in Terminators I and II. One difference between that character played the Austrian roid rager and this big Benz is that while the Terminator's goal was to blend in, this car wants to stand out.

Two-tone blue over silver paint, tinted windows, AMG five spoke alloys, side stripes and a wing mirror make this one 300SD that four out of five Xzibits would recommend to their dawgs, yo.

Inside, things are relatively tame, with only an upgraded stereo head unit detracting from the powerful ‘70s vibe. Another oddity is what appears to be a badger living in the center console, which would obviously need to be captured and relocated before you could safely drive the car, as those things'll rip your face off if given half a chance. The mb tex seats, door panels and carpet all look like they've so far escaped wear and tear, which is a plus because these interiors like this have typically have seen more fade than a Compton barbershop by now.

Even though the seller says that this S-class has nearly 250K on the clock, that's just the break-in period on the OM617, and, if it's seen at least semi-regular maintenance, it should be good for another quarter mil. So, aside from the extroverted exterior, and the badger-infested interior, what's not to like about this $4,500 diesel Benz? Well, it's fully registered and licensed in California, where keeping an old car in the system is akin to Charlie Sheen trying to keep his peen in his pants. But that registration does come with the dreaded salvage title attached to it. What does that mean? Katrina flood car? Front clip been replaced and is now held on with propane torch welds and bondo? Cat pee soaked into the carpet? Whatever the reason, the seller isn't saying, and the VIN he's put up there doesn't look to be any good, so that won't help.

But so what? It's less than five grand and with this you could finally roll in the style you've always imagined. And that diesel means that when you're idling on the street corner smackin' your bitches asking for directions, it won't be eating one dead dinosaur after another.

So, what's your take on this custom '79 300SD? Does that $4,500 price make this salvage title 300SD salvageable? Or, does the price make this benz one ride that will just have to go un-pimped, dawg?

You decide!

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