The Citroen Survolt is a good ol' fashioned concept car. That's right, no chance of production and no real powertrain. Just a sexy body designed to explore future styling themes. In our minds, it's the concept of the show.

With a design meant to convey an aerodynamic look combining "flowing lines [that] convey agility, precision and vitality - with a powerful, muscular character contained in its refined and luxurious frame," this supermini measures in at 3.85-meters long by 1.87-meters wide, making it 65mm longer and 150mm wider than the Lotus Exige S. It stands rather short at 1.2-meters high, which is taller than the Exige, but shorter than the Audi TT. Or, you know, something along the lines of a Chevy Aveo for you ā€˜merican speakers

Unlike the Citroen Revolte that it's based on, the Survolt, socialist for "supercharged," is seriously good looking, all dramatic details and squashed proportions. It looks like a Goup B car if Group B still existed in 2020. If the French could make a production supermini look this good, we might not make fun of them so much.