Nobody draws souped-up Euro tuners like Dániel Merényi, a Hungarian artist who builds titanium bikes in the Italian Alps by day and wreaks graphite mayhem by night.

Under the pen name of Grafitember (The Graphite Man), Merényi has been drawing Napirajz for five years. His superficially simple graphic style belies a keen eye for detail. And unlike those artists who falter at the sight of machinery, it is engines and cars which seem to give Merényi an extra kick as he depicts suspension pieces, air vents, exhaust manifolds and the occasional Lamborghini Miura in loving detail.

The language is strictly for domestic Hungarian use. Napirajz is such a double-heavy brew of cutting-edge slang, poetry, cultural references and high literature that nothing short of a brain transplant would suffice. Just to not leave you all out in the cold, here’s Google Translate’s take on the speech bubble above: “Ohe, what karanténzéró EZA company already! Are you sure you properly leérvelted?”

If you’d like to delve into the tranquil fun of surfing a comic strip with alien text, give Napirajz a try. While its mix of Tarantino-cubed violence, Zeppelin boobs and anatomically correct stallions may not be for the workplace computer, how could one resist studying a suspension design like the one depicted in HOGY MILYEN?, the engine in BEDURRANT or the BMW-driving nymphomaniac bunnies in HAGGYAD AZT?


And just to prove that Napirajz is not all about Hungarian isolationism and bebólintó gumizsiráfok, check out the mean ‘Vette in AKTATÁSKÁS HAL:

Image Credit: Napirajz