The Muchallero Mustang/Challenger/Camaro mashup is a fake, but it's got us obsessively focusing our thoughts on other really amazing vehicular combinations out there. What's your favorite Frankencar?

Some would call it blasphemy, but there's little better use for a 1974 Challenger body (the frame was twisted) than to put it on a 1977 Ramcharger and create a rock-crawling muscle car. Powered by a big block 440 it isn't as if the car is underpowered, it's just putting down the power in a different way than most other Challengers out there. It's a great Frankencar because it manages to subvert expectations and still, at the end of the day, maintain its role as a performance car.


Surprise us. If someone can combine Jay-Z and Pavement we know there's a vehicular mashup crazier and cooler than this rock-crawling badass.

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Photo Credit: CarDomain