Anand Mahindra, of Indian truck manufacturer Mahindra, recently tweeted a question indicating his interest in Saab and asking followers their opinion of the brand. Curried gravlax? Delicious. But wait โ€” when did Twitter become how businesses do due diligence?

As we reported earlier, Indian truck manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra Limited is planning to bring its T40 pickup to the United States. Now Anand Mahindra, the company's vice chairman and managing director, is expressing interest in Saab. The tweet below โ€” a retweet of another user's question, along with Mahindra's answer โ€” popped up on Friday.

This may seem a bit random, but consider the possibilities: Mahindra wants to establish a commercial presence in the United States. Thanks to a partnership with Navistar International (the Indian company builds International trucks in India under license), it has a business connection here but no significant foothold. Purchasing Saab would give it something resembling an infrastructure, including a dealer network, staffing, and a small amount of brand equity.


Also, you know, it would let Saab end up in the hands of someone who isn't the son of weirdo gun-target Russian mafia money and/or a dinky-ass supercar shop. Long live capitalism, dost!