It's snowing in Houston. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is here. It's the Snowpocalypse and everyone is freaking out. Quick, help! What's the best winter vehicle?

We've convened the winter quorum of drivers (i.e. everyone but the Houston editor) and the verdict was the awesome, the practical, the timeless AMC Eagle. Take the genius of Roy Lunn, Jeep's experience putting power down in rough places, the usability of a hatch/wagon, the low weight/maneuverability of a car and you have the Eagle. Wait? Like a crossover? And unlike putting a dent in your brand new Cadillac SRX, a few dings on an Eagle will only blend in with the rest of its crag-filled car panel. We also think the Eagle has a classic design so you can turn heads instead of turning yourself upside down in a ditch. Oh, and we'd put a set of Blizzaks on it.

Unfortunately, Eagles are hard to find around here, so help a few Texans out who are used to only seeing the world "frozen" associated with a margarita. What's the best winter vehicle?


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Photo Credit: NIGEL TREBLIN/AFP/Getty Images