What you normally find under the bulbous hood of a Saab 92 is a 2-cylinder, 2-stroke lawnmower motor barely able to keep up in traffic. This one's got the V6 from a modern Saab 9-5.

The talk of Saab's postponed imminent demise got us to looking at old Saabs, especially after we wondered just how hard it would be for Jalopnik to buy the company and build some of the old-fashioned ultra-violence into the Swedish marque. On our meandering we found this awesome Swedish-built Saab 92 with a modern Saab V6 wedged in its nose. According to those in the know, when the owner came into ownership of the car, it was too far gone for a proper restoration, so instead of junking it, the guy swapped in all the mechanical bits from a wrecked 9-5, so it's got a V6 but we're not real clear on the engine here so all you Saab-o-philes out there, step up and ID this thing. With this new motor and an automatic transmission it's got a whole snout full of power that wasn't there before. The guy took the build a step further and integrated the flat center stack into the dash completing the retromod look. Leave it to a Swede to make the original Saab sing. [Tugboat Lars, Trollhattan Saab Archive]