They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well that's not always the case, and today, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a Vegas-based custom Caddy that's big enough to bring all your sin city transgressions home with you.

What if someone offered you the Cadillac of El Camios? That would be the best of all worlds, wouldn't it? El Camino style and utility with Cadillac panache, all wrapped into one? If only such a creation really existed. Well, pine no more, because a Nevada-based eBayer has put just such a beast up for grabs, and it give the Vegas Strip a run for its money in the over-the-top audaciousness department.


Taking a standard Coupe de Ville and replacing the back seat and trunk with a massive covered storage box gives this 130-in wheelbase two-door a cab-forward appearance, despite having a hood large enough to be its own Vegas subdivision. There's no mention of what's under that hood, but the factory fitted a 325-bhp 390-cid in '59.

Also left unexplained is the impetus for the caddy's creation. Did someone think that Batman needed something in which to haul steer manure and rye seed back to stately Wayne manor? Was there a bunch of emo kids who looked at the car and thought that trunk's big, but we can do better?

Regardless of motive, the Ed Glowacke-led design retains much of what was iconic back in '59, including the sweep of the body-line from headlight to faux jet exhaust, made possible buy the use of Buick door structures. The exaggerated dogleg A-pillar, necessitating a complex-curve windshield is extant, although partially hidden by the external visor, and of course, the fins. The '59 Cadillac fins were the apex (or nadir, depending on your appreciation of the fin as automotive styling theme) of the genre, having out-finned the Exner-penned Chryslers that debuted a year prior. Those fins, as well as much of the rest of the chrome- which Bill Mitchell had described as laid on with a trowel- has been painted black here.

So, it's weird and, perhaps wonderful. And, like having been born with a tail, chances are you won't be running into anyone else with one of these anytime soon. But, is that worth $27,000? After all, that's a lot of chips to be betting all on black. What's it worth to you- a trip home from Vegas, twenty seven grand lighter, but a caddy-camino richer? Or, would you rather just lose that at the craps table and ride out of town on your thumb?

You decide!

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