The VW Golf Mk1 was good enough to be sold for 35 years, and it's not the only vehicle worthy of perpetual production. What retired car should they still make?

There are so many great cars we've let pass into oblivion, put out to pasture only to be replaced by cars we like even less than the original. Because it needs to be mass-marketed and have enough safety features to survive, as well as pass some sort of tests (though, we think there should be an exception), we're pulling for the BMW E30. It has ABS, at least one airbag, will easily pass an emissions test, still looks great, and drives better than most new BMWs. In fact, give us the choice between almost any new non-M BMW and, say, an E30 wagon we're going to take the E30. Actually, we'd probably take it over some M products, too.

Someone needs to step up, buy/recreate the tooling and start cranking these out.

What retired car do you think they should still make?

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