With the oldest car yet, cross-dressing maids, and a crash-and-roll finale, the Buttonwillow Histrionics 24 Hours Of LeMons was a rod-throwin' success! Let's take a look at how all 95 citrusy racers fared.

It appears that the Honda teams have finally found some way to keep those head gaskets intact and the rods safely inside the block, with Hondas and Acuras doing very well in the Buttonwillow heat. The fast track led to some bent metal, but nothing approaching the demolition-derby-style carnage of the early Altamont LeMons races. Thanks to Nick Pon and LTDScott for their photographic help.

1. Mustard Yellow Volvo Doing 45 In The Fast Lane, Volvo DL
Best lap: 2:17.604
Overall Winner

2. Big Sausage Racing, Acura Integra
Best lap: 2:20:011
Winner, Class Good

3. Blanco Basura Racing, Honda Prelude
Winner, Organizer's Choice
Best lap: 2:21.464

4. Go Go Speed Racer, Honda Prelude
Best lap: 2:22.891

5. Eyesore Racing, Ghettocharged Mazda Miata
Best lap: 2:16.648
BS Penalty laps: 2

6. B-Team, BMW 325e
Best lap: 2:24.917

7. Spearmint Dyno, Honda CRX
Best lap: 2:17.683

8. Los Cerdos Voladores, Plymouth Neon
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank
Best lap: 2:18.125

9. Porcubimmer 3, Rise Of The Pricks, BMW 325e
Best lap: 2:22.464

10. Formula BMW, BMW 325e
Best lap: 2:20.613

11. Badagascar, Acura Integra
Best lap: 2:25.717

12. 1Up, Nissan Sentra SE-R
Best lap: 2:21.086
BS Penalty laps: 20

13. Heisenberg Racing, BMW 318iS
Best lap: 2:21.051
BS Penalty laps: 1

14. Driver's Education Dropouts, BMW 325i
Best lap: 2:25.579
BS Penalty laps: 7

15. LeMons Vice, Honda CRXstarossa
Winner, Class Bad
Best lap: 2:21.836

16. Italian Stallions - The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Fiat X1/9
Winner, Class Ugly
Best lap: 2:22.519

17. Banana Hammock Death Squad Racing Team, Datsun 280ZX
Best lap: 2:26.597

18. Rice Rocket Racing (RQubed), Datsun 280ZX
Best lap: 2:23.723

19. Zoom Zoom... Boom, Mazda 323
Best lap: 2:26.477

20. $14 The Hard Way, Volkswagen Golf
Best lap: 2:25.741
BS Penalty laps: 15

21. Team Uber Vogel, Mercedes-Benz 190E
Best lap: 2:28.228

22. Fluggaenkoechiebolsen, Volvo 940
Best lap: 2:27.845

Best lap: 2:22.236

24. Crash Test Dummies, BMW 325e
Best lap: 2:23.437

25. LeMons Fire Department, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 2:28.124

26. The Carter Administration, Mazda 323
Best lap: 2:28.184

27. Clueless Party Vikings Vintage Racers, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 2:37.181

28. Old Fast Auto Race Team, Porsche 924S
Best lap: 2:22.438

29. Team BHL: Team Angels, Kia Sephia
Best lap: 2:37.471

30. The Faustest Team, BMW 325e
Best lap: 2:22.286
BS Penalty laps: 1

31. Absolute Lemon Motorsports
Best lap: 2:22.983

32. Team Top Gun, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 2:38.915

33. Free Range Racing, Toyota MR2
Best lap: 2:22.927

34. TEAM TANGO- Don't Cry For Us ARGENTINA, Volvo 740 Wagon
Best lap: 2:34.067

35. Screaming O, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 2:26.533

Best lap: 2:29.213
BS Penalty Laps: 1

37. Jesus Christ Super Car, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 2:27.266

38. Down Under, Dodge Stealth
Best lap: 2:25.019

39. Mediocre Racing Associates, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 2:19.747
BS Penalty laps: 45

40. Hit & Run, BMW 320i
Best lap: 2:35.019

41. San Jose Scalawags, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 2:32.220

42. Cape Coventry Racing, Triumph TR7
Best lap: 2:35.118

43. Team Bigfoot Hunter, Ford Escort LX
Best lap: 2:29.051

44. ONSET One Night Stand Endurance Team, Chevrolet Cavalier wagon
Best lap: 2:22:337

45. The Very Important Peasants, BMW 528e
Winner, Milton Bradley Lovable Pain In The Ass Award
Winner, Fastest Lap Time Of Race
Best lap: 2:16.368

46. Black Iron Racing, Beyond Thunderchrome, BMW 540
Winner, Heroic Fix Award
Best lap: 2:19.648
BS Penalty laps: 6

47. Lipstick On A Pig, Nissan Sentra SE-R
Best lap: 2:22.127

48. S.C.R.E.W., Mazda Miata
Best lap: 2:29.462
BS Penalty laps: 40

49. Planet Hell, Porsche 944
Winner, Judges' Choice
Best lap: 2:27.878
BS Penalty laps: 20

50. Lightning McQueen, Pontiac Sunfire
Best lap: 2:37.651

51. Bassackward Racing 2002 WMB, BMW 2002
Best lap: 2:36.640

52. Danger Warning Scary, Acura Integra
Best lap: 2:23.315

53. Volatile RAM, Toyota MR2
Best lap: 2:25.530

54. Skid Row Racing, Chevrolet Camaro
Best lap: 2:26.807

55. San Diego Minis Aka Team Bean, Austin Mini
Winner, Index Of Effluency
Best lap: 2:45.836

56. Sin City Lemons, Volkswagen GTI
Best lap: 2:28.611
BS Penalty laps: 40

57. Team BHL: Team Demons, Chevrolet Camaro
Best lap: 2:29.314

58. Chariots Of The Flat Tire, Nissan Sentra
Best lap: 2:24.693

59. Geo Metro-Gnome, Geo Metro
Best lap: 2:18.443

60. Team 60 Racing, Saab 900 Turbo
Best lap: 2:36.214

Palomar Speedstars, Porsche 944
Best lap: 2:30.310

Red Rhino Racing, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 2:26.531
BS Penalty laps: 17

Bionic Bunny, Volkswagen GTI
Best lap: 2:29.285

Procrastination Racing, Chevrolet Nova
Best lap: 2:27.472

Chicken Lickin, Nissan Stanza
Best lap: 2:29.089
BS Penalty laps: 30

Chim Chim Racing, Volkswagen Rabbit
Best lap: 2:31.621

Octopussy, Toyota Celica
Best lap: 2:39.903
BS Penalty laps: 1

Team Stimulus Package, Honda Civic
Best lap: 2:28.723

Barbarian Motorworks, BMW E30
Best lap: 2:17.714
BS Penalty laps: 27

Dust n Debris, Dodge Shadow
Best lap: 2:29.346

Der Wienerschmoker, BMW 325e
Best lap: 2:31.534
BS Penalty laps: 5

Brit Shitbox Racing Redux, Austin-Healey Sprite
Best lap: 2:49.942

Magnum P.I.G., Toyota MR2
Best lap: 2:27.599

Team Unknown Fluids, BMW 633CSi
Best lap: 2:33.454

Saabs Gone Wild, Saab 900 Turbo
Best lap: 2:32.466

Skip Barber's Racing Stools, Toyota Corolla
Best lap: 2:30.560
BS Penalty laps: 15

Dori Dori D'oh, Toyota Supra
Best lap: 2:21.491
BS Penalty laps: 5

A Lemon Entry (my dear Watson), Ford Escort
Winner, I Got Screwed Award
Best lap: 2:43.957

ZZ Über Das Driver: Spy Vs Spy, Volkswagen GTI
Best lap: 2:27.804

Frankenstang II, Ford Mustang
Best lap: 2:30.124

The Black Flags, Toyota Supra
Winner, Dangerous Homemade Technology Award
Best lap: 2:37.529

ZZ Über Das Driver: Spy Vs Spy II, Volkswagen GTI
Best lap: 2:28.092

Knights Of The Round Track, Toyota MR2
Best lap: 2:29.072

Pendejo Engineering South, Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Best lap: 2:33.025

Best lap: 2:25.108

Hometown Buffet, Isuzu I-Mark
Best lap: 2:35.214

Team Chevy High Performance, Chevrolet Camaro
Best lap: 2:30.798

Kaboom Box!, Infiniti G20
Best lap: 2:28.541

Pendejo Engineering, Jaguar XJ-S
Winner, Car That Would Have Given Steve Earle Apoplexy Award
Best lap: 2:25.384

Calzones, Opel GT
Best lap: 3:07.221

Best lap: 2:43.223

Team Pyrite, Eagle Talon
Best lap: 2:33.442

Timmy's Kids Redux, Audi A4
Best lap: 2:24.773
BS Penalty laps: 450

Runs For Sixty Seconds, Nissan Sentra SE-R
Best lap: 2:20.089
BS Penalty laps: 1,404

Da Bombers, Audi A4 Quattro
Best lap: 2:41.553
BS Penalty laps: 1,000