There's an 18-year-old record of 409.986 MPH in the A-motor blown fuel streamliner class Bobby Moore has his eyes set on, with the Maro Special he's aiming at taking it in a big way.

Mr. Moore has long been a land speed racer, holding multiple records in Corvettes and currently holding title to the worlds fastest Vette. But this is a different peak to climb. The Maro Special is being called the finest streamliner ever built out here on the flats, a car seven years in the making and two years in construction, it's a stunning construction of aluminum and innovation. Number 33 is running a 498 cubic inch Chrysler HEMI V8 with a massive centrifugal supercharger strapped to the front. Everything else is pretty much purpose built right down to the differential and transmission. It's not a mistake the car looks like a jet plane without wings, it was designed by a Boeing engineer.

When we saw the car earlier in the week, it was having some teething problems. On its first run, the car wouldn't shift into second gear, turned out to be a clutch problem. On the second run the starter wouldn't work at the line and on the next attempt it wouldn't fire, but the team was diligently working through the issues and hope to get a series of test runs in before unleashng the hounds of hell and aiming at that 409 MPH record. As far as we know it's been up to about 25 MPH. We can't wait to see what it's capable of when all the kinks are worked out.