In 1895, the Lumiere brothers held the first public film screening ever. It's also when America held its first automobile race. The two have been intertwined ever since. What's the greatest car movie of all time?

After debating this back-and-forth we're landing on Steve McQueen's classic film Le Mans. Why? It's essentially a Le Mans race caught on film. There's no distracting plot or unnecessary romance. Just a lot of close, intense, beautiful, glorious, wonderful racing action. And not just any race. This isn't Days Of Thunder. This is Le Mans. The mother race. "A four-hour sprint followed by a 20-hour death watch." It's a film you could watch with your eyes close, which is a great compliment for a movie with almost no talking — just the dialogue between Porsches and Ferraris.

Think you've got a better choice?

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Photo Credit: Fatlace