We've seen some members of the Alfetta family excel in 24 Hours Of LeMons races, with one coming in third at the Goin' For Broken race in May. No such luck for this one!

You see the occasional 70s or 80s Alfa Spider in the self-service yards these days, but Alfettas and GTVs are about as common as junked Porsche 928s. This one seems about 95% complete, so let's hope its parts get rescued and live on in other Alfas… before The Crusher uses it as an appetizer for its main course of Lincoln Town Cars.

This is the fuel-injected 158-horsepower Alfa V6. Hmmm... there's room for a turbocharged-beyond-reason Buick V6 in this engine compartment!

I thought about buying this pretty Veglia clock for the next Junkyard Boogaloo Boombox, but the hands-setting mechanism was broken.