Yesterday a tanker carrying 9000 gallons of gasoline exploded after crashing on I-75 in the Detroit suburb of Hazel Park. The resulting inferno caused a massive fire and bridge collapse. Mega-gallery of the carnage below.

The accident occured around 8:15 PM when the tanker reportedly got tangled up with a car and another semi truck. The tanker ended up across the freeway underneath the 9 Mile road over pass where it exploded, sending a massive column of black smoke skyward. The fire went on for hours and, eventually, the newly finished bridge overhead collapsed. Amazingly, nobody was seriously injured in the incident.

This morning, police have completely closed off both sides of the freeway and blockaded 9 Mile Road while officials investigate the crash and assess the damage. An entire two mile section of freeway is expected to be closed for months while the cleanup and reconstruction occur.