Know how Saab claims to be "Born From Jets?" Well the Marotti trike actually has tail-fins and will probably kill you. Power comes from a 100 HP motorcycle engine and it weighs just 970 Lbs.

MAROTTI - a vision which has become a reality. This vehicle has been created just to bring delight, to feast your eyes on its appearance, achievements and ultra-sport driving.

Marotti is a combination of the cutting edge motorcycle and car technology which has resulted in the production of a vehicle as dynamic as a motorcycle and, at the same time, as save and easy to drive as a car.

It is equipped with a high-revolution Honda V4 engine of the total capacity of 750 cm3 and 100 hp placed in a steel and highly resistant to the damage frame. It impels the back wheel with a chain assuring required dynamics of the back axle.

Its sporty character is intensified by an extremely low center of gravity and aerodynamic shape of the bodywork equipped with additional elements for the air intakes and interior air flows such as a front spoiler, flat floor, and back stabilizers. Power-to-weight ratio amounting to about 4.4 hp/kg assures a good pick-up and very dynamic acceleration, whereas its low weight and sport tires result in achieving high speed while taking a turn.
Fun guaranteed!

Selected technical data:

* engine and gear box: Honda V4, 750 cm3, 100 hp at 11000 1/min, 6 speed sequential gearbox, electric reverse gear,
* proper weight: 440 kg,
* length: 3200 mm,
* width: 1800 mm,
* tires: front 255/45R17, back 275/45R17,
* suspension: front - double rocker arm, back - roller rocker arm, shock absorption system fully regulated,
* brakes: disk brakes without brake assist.

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