Trains are appealing because there's nothing like the power of a big diesel locomotive or the ability to drink heavily while traveling. There's also nothing like these ten stations where even the most ardent train lover wouldn't wait.

Michigan Central Station
Where: Detroit, Michigan
Serves: Formerly Amtrak, Michigan Central Railroad
Why we wouldn't want to wait there: In addition to no longer having service, the Michigan Central Station has fallen into disrepair like almost everything else in Detroit. It's so scary they use it for Michael Bay films (Transformers, The Island, Four Brothers).
Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Hazelhatch and Celbridge Station
Where: Hazelhatch, Ireland
Serves: Dublin Area Rapid Transit
Why we wouldn't want to wait there:
Part of the Dublin Area Rapid Transit, the Hazelhatch and Celbridge railway station was built in 1846 and hasn't been frequently renovated since. Also, it's not actually close to Celbridge (you have to wait for a bus). Photo Credit: Infomatique

Chicago Blue Line Division Station
Where: Chicago, Illinois
Serves: "El" Blue Line
Why we wouldn't want to wait there: The Division station will get upgraded, eventually, but in the meantime it's dark, damp, dangerous, and when it rains it fills with a disgusting sludge. It's a good thing the Blue Line is always on time...
Flickr @ Katherine

Tanggula Mountain Station
Where: Tanggula, Tibet, China
Serves: Quinzang Railway
Why we wouldn't want to wait there: The Quinzang Railway, which connects Tibet with the rest of China, is an engineering marvel. Though the Tanggula station is new and offers attractive views, at 5,000 meters above sea-level it's also the tallest train station in the world. And it's cold. Some of the train cars have compressed oxygen systems to keep the passengers alive.
Photo Credit: Tibet Tour

Baghdad Train Depot
Where: Baghdad, Iraq
Serves: Baghdad Commuter Rail
Why we wouldn't want to wait there: Under Saddam Hussein's long rule there was no need for a train because there wasn't much traffic. Unfortunately, all those military checkpoints are slowing things done. Thus the new train service. It's rarely a crowded station, which is nice, but there's always the risk of blowing up.
Photo Credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Penn Station, NYC
Where: New York, New York
Serves: Long Island Rail Road, Amtrak, NJ Transit
Why we wouldn't want to wait there: Nearly as busy as Grand Central Station, though not quite as grand, Penn Station isn't a good place to go if you're claustrophobic. There have been many plans to renovate the building but, until then, it'll still be a crowded, stinky hall.
Photo Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Tanjong Pagar Station
Where: Tanjong Pagar District, Singapore
Serves: Keretapi Tanah Melayu
Why we wouldn't want to wait there: The building itself, though not grand, isn't so bad. And it's in Singapore, so you've always got a good police presence. But that's the problem. People are frequently arrested for immigration violations when carrying proper papers. This is because there's a longstanding immigration issue between Malaysia and Singapore and two sets of procedures depending on which way you're heading. It's complex, time-consuming and could be bad news if you do it incorrectly.
Photo Credit: Chooyutshing @ Flickr

Birmingham New Street Railway
Where: Birmingham, England
Serves: West Coast Main Line
Why we wouldn't want to wait there: Frequently voted one of the worst stations because of its dark, cavernous design and awful 1960s architecture. There are no automatic ticket barriers so you have to wait for station staff to inspect the tickets. It's in the process of redevelopment but it's not there yet.
Photo Credit: MattBuck007 @ Flickr

Shibuya Station
Where:Shibayu, Tokyo
Serves: JR East, Keio, Tokyu, Tokyo Metro
Why we wouldn't want to wait there: There's a river running underneath this station in Tokyo's busy Shibuya district, but it's nothing like the river of people coming out of it every day. The reason we wouldn't want to wait inside is what's outside. Have you seen Lost In Translation? A lot of it was shot outside the station. You won't want to hang out inside, you'd want to go outside and chat with the harajuki girls.
Photo Credit: Jol @ Flickr

Kandahar Station
Where: Kandahar, Afghanistan
Serves: Nothing
Why we wouldn't want to wait there: There's no train station in Kandahar yet. Just rocks. And sorrow.
Photo Credit: Jason Reed-Pool/Getty Images