From most outward appearances, this Chevy C10 pickup is a totally crusty heap, much abused by its uncaring owner. That impression is very, very wrong. Would you believe this thing runs 12.3 second quarter-miles?

Simple formula here, take a beat up old C10 pickup, drop a snarling 502 cubic inch big block under the hood and feed it a nose full of nitrous, back it with an all-drag-racing driveline, reinforce the chassis, put some huge Hoosier drag slicks on the back, and a truck cap and a Pizza delivery sign on the top and go racing. Oh, we forgot to add, make sure it has a sweet train horn.

This is the creation of Sean, who in turn is the creator of "Pimp Juice," an extremely popular waterbox solution, used to clean and warm up tires ahead of a drag run which also happens to be great at accentuating the formation of vaporized rubber clouds. Such acts of malady towards tires is no problem for this monster, but it's just is so sneaky it's practically cheating. He even went the extra mile with the license plate, how perfect is "ZZZZZZ" for this beast? As an aside, we just have to mention how awesome this guys truck dog is. (Thanks for the tip Terry) [1320 Video via LS1Tech]