Every now and then we come across something so foul, so disturbingly stupid, so "WTF were you thinking," that we begin to question the legitimacy of our love of cars. This epic DIY failure is one of these moments.

Posted to a friend's Facebook page, Car Lounger, papaskot, deemed it necessary to share with the rest of his automotive clan this DIY failure and in doing so, leapt into a rabbit hole so deep there's really no end in sight. We invite you to peruse our idea of what must have gone through the troubled mind of this enthusiast. Just be sure you learn from his mistakes. [via TCL]

Your Guide To Great Automotive Failure


Step 1.
Pick up a pair of Powerslot vented rotors as cheap as you can find them. We'll be making a mess and wouldn't suggest dumping a bunch of money into this inconsequential piece of equipment.

Step 2.
Head down to your local automotive parts superstore to pick out the most ripe shade of "p***y magnet yellow" spray paint you can find. We want people to know you mean business.


Step 3.
Pay attention here as one mistake could produce a total failure. Do not — we repeat — do not, for any reason, mask off any portion of the rotors. We want a nice heavy coat of paint to cover all surfaces and grooves. Failure to do so will result in total failure and you don't want to be a failure, do you?


Step 4.
Install newly painted hotness, sit back and enjoy a juice box or two. Everyone's going to now know just how performance-minded you really are thanks to your enthusiastic DIY project.

Step 5.
Now cover up your shame behind the practically solid wheels on your '84 Corvette and never tell anyone about your adventures in failure. Don't even post it to Facebook, you definitely don't want your mistake to get out.