Some troubled soul accosted a Pontiac Sunfire with lumber and plaster for this junkyard-bound "Lamborghini Murcielago." Believe us when we say this horror show raises the bar on fake super cars in every way imaginable. We dub thee the Flim-Flamborghini!

This tale of vehicular terror comes to us from a junkyard on Montreal, where our tipsters kids were rummaging around for God-knows what when they stumbled on this stupendous monster, where we're told:

This was spotted in a local Junkyard near Montreal Qc by my kids. It seemed like an industrious person took a Pontiac Sunfire, some plywood, lumber, a bit of imagination and a ton of plaster to make his own Lambo! I can just imagine how the little 4 banger just died under the weight or a bewildered cop sent this thing to inspection for it to end up in the junkyard. I love the custom key hack to make it work under the Lambo skin job. That thing must have been a hit with the ladies. Feel free to use any of this original material. I enjoy and I'm addicted to your site.

Gerry :)

So it began life as a first generation Pontiac Sunfire, not a vehicle known for its good anything, and was morphed into a stomach-churning homage to the Lamborghini Murcielago. This is not new territory, it's been done by countless n'er do wells across the world, but this example is special for its breathtaking half-assery. Welding metal in place to simulate those oh-so sexy Italian curves? Pah! That's for sissies, wood is the thinkin' mans structural material. Bondo to smooth things over? E-gads no, plaster will do the trick, and lay it on thick too. As a finishing touch, slather the beast in a comely shade of p***y-magnet yellow.

It's almost a shame this rolling caution against the dangers of methamphetamines ended up in a junkyard. Soon its plaster fenders will begin to melt, the wood will rot, and the world will no longer know the wonders of this magnificent disaster. (Many thanks Gerry, for this cautionary tale)